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Articles | Coleman Brinker | July 4, 2017
A Constitutional Dilemma: Who Protects the Right Whales?

Category: Federalism

When Canadians face a health or safety risk, they can look to sections 91 and 92 of the Constitution Act, 1867 to figure out whether the provincial or federal government has […]

Articles | Katherine Creelman | June 30, 2017
Meekison the Mentor: A conversation with a modern constitutional architect

Category: Democratic Governance, The Charter, Federalism

Three summer students from the Centre for Constitutional Centre recently had the once in a lifetime opportunity to sit down and chat with one of the founding fathers of the […]

Articles | Coleman Brinker, Raymond Chen, and Katherine Creelman | June 30, 2017
7 Reasons Why You Should Care About The BNA Act

Category: Democratic Governance

The British North America Act, 1867 (“BNA Act”) – now called the Constitution Act, 1867[1] – created Canada at Confederation, and has been around for a whole 150 years since […]

Articles | Coleman Brinker, Raymond Chen, and Katherine Creelman | June 29, 2017
10 Fun Facts about the Canadian Constitution

Category: Democratic Governance

A constitution 150 years in the making sure comes with some interesting stories. Here are 10 fun facts you might not know about Canada’s Constitution. 1) Dude… where’s my Constitution? […]

Articles | Raymond Chen | June 26, 2017
Sahaluk v Alberta: The Right to a Fair Trial, Impaired

Category: The Charter

Alberta’s administrative license suspension program immediately suspends the driver’s license of those individuals charged with an alcohol-related driving offence under the Criminal Code.[1] In May 2017, the majority of the […]

Articles | Katherine Creelman | June 19, 2017
Waiting for justice: R v Jordan and the new framework for delay

Category: The Charter

This article is written by a law student for the general public. What does it mean to be tried in a reasonable time? In R v Jordan, a majority of […]

Articles | March 28, 2017
Editorial: Remembering promises – lessons from 75th anniversary of dispossession of Japanese Canadians

Category: Democratic Governance

The Centre’s Research Fellow Eric M. Adams and Jordan Stranger-Ross co-wrote an editorial for the Vancouver Sun (March 26, 2017) on the dispossession of Japanese Canadians. The editorial is available […]

Articles | Shad Turner | January 13, 2017
What You Need to Know About Canada’s Constitution

Category: Democratic Governance

What is a constitution? A constitution is the supreme law of the land. It takes precedence over all other laws in the country. A constitution describes how a country governs […]

Articles | December 2, 2016
CBC News | “Leave law aside” – Alberta professors discuss Gay-Straight Alliances and religious schools

Category: The Charter, Fundamental Freedoms (Section 2)

CBC News Edmonton featured a story about the Centre’s public legal education event “Gay-Straight Alliances and Religious Schools: A Clash of Rights & Freedoms” (Nov 30, 2016) Click here to […]

Articles | November 24, 2016
Inside the Supreme Court of Canada: CPAC Documentary

Category: Democratic Governance

“Inside the Supreme Court of Canada” is a documentary produced by CPAC, looking at the history and evolution of the Supreme Court featuring interviews with all the current Supreme Court […]

Articles | November 7, 2016
Editorial: In the US and Canada, the founders always feared a Trump

Category: Democratic Governance

In an editorial special for The Globe and Mail, our Research Fellow, Eric M Adams, discusses the unprecedented American presidential campaign and how the US and Canadian constitutional systems differ […]

Articles | Matthew Schneider | October 20, 2016
Pipelines and the Constitution

Category: Federalism

Introduction Recent proposals to construct major crude oil pipelines have reopened jurisdictional conflicts in Canada. While the Constitution clearly grants the power to regulate interprovincial pipelines to the federal government, […]

Articles | Michael Saunders | October 14, 2016
Physician-Assisted Dying: The Senate’s Role in the Legislative Process

Category: The Charter, Legal Rights (Sections 7-14)

Originally published: 20 July 2016 Physician-assisted dying is now legal in Canada. In the case of Carter v Canada (Attorney General) 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the […]

Articles | Dorian Simonneaux | August 29, 2016
Criminally Responsible… Not

Category: The Charter, Legal Rights (Sections 7-14)

Despite the prevalence of mental health issues in Canadian prisons,[1] a statistically tiny portion of offenders (less than 1%) seek the designation of, and are subsequently deemed, ‘Not Criminally Responsible […]

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