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Articles | Case Littlewood, Student Researcher | August 6, 2020
A Fair Deal for Alberta: Are Changes to the Equalization Program Coming?

Category: Federalism, Constitutional Issues

On 17 June 2020, the Government of Alberta released the Fair Deal Panel’s report.[1] The Fair Deal Panel, created by Premier Jason Kenney, interviewed and curated responses from Albertans on […]

Articles | Spencer Millis, Student Researcher | July 28, 2020
The Lieutenant Governor: Symbol or Savior?

Category: Democratic Governance

Recent legislative action by Alberta’s provincial government has raised a number of controversies.[1] Questions of constitutionality, respect for the democratic process, and the rule of law have arisen following the […]

Articles | Case Littlewood, Student Researcher | July 17, 2020
Courts of Appeal Split on Validity of Carbon Tax

Category: Federalism, Constitutional Issues

Articles | Case Littlewood, Student Researcher | July 17, 2020
Duty to Consult with Whom?

Category: Aboriginal Rights, Constitutional Issues

Articles | Teresa Holmes, Student Researcher | July 16, 2020
Alberta’s Bill 10: The Return of the King(s)?

Category: Democratic Governance, Constitutional Issues

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